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Thread: Black Rock Fish in Valdez

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    Default Black Rock Fish in Valdez

    I fished the Valdez area this past weekend. My family likes to fish for rock fish so we spent some time searching around for some black rock fish (black bass). We got into copper rock fish just about everywhere we looked, but no black. We don't have a large boat so we do not venture past Jack Bay much. In fact we caught some nice sized copper rock fish at the entrance to Jack Bay on the left side as you enter. Caught (and released) one Ling Cod there also that was just under legal.

    Anyone have any suggestions on areas to target in a couple of weeks when we head that way again?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default July 18th

    I will be up there in a rental boat on July 18th and am curious too about the rockfish and shrimp.....taking my parents up on their visit to alaska - more of a sight seeing escapade than a serious fishing trip.

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    Bligh reef is a good place to get a mixed bag. You should not have a hard time finding black bass on bligh reef.

    Let us know how you do.


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