Gents, thought this forum would probably be more appropriate.

I will be returning for my mid tour R&R leave around Mid August. I have a 24ft Cabin Cruiser Bayliner and looking for some advice, tips, ideas, and adventurous techinques to help me out.

The plan is to spend one week on the water with the family. I will be staying on the boat, camping on shore, hiking, fishing, and possibly hunting bear/deer (if allowed to)

I am torn between Seward or Whittier. I know the bear thing is out of the question in 6D during this timeframe. The deer would be an option though. The main game is fish...The whole family loves to go out on the boat and fish and we have always stay for at least a few this is of no concern. The weather will obviously play a part in the planning process. Although as time gets close we will adjust as neccessary.

I need help and advice on where to go during this timeframe for Silvers, reds, halibut, techniques etc.. Regardless we will have a great time, and after these last 6 months.. I am really looking forward to this...

The wife is all about catching fish...and I only have one week to do this. After this trip..we will come back to Anchrage and recock..then off on a 4 day float trip. Was thinking the Kenia River..but am open to other ideas, before I leave and come back over here.

We really enjoy Seward and the surrounding areas....seems the fishing is a little better than Whittier during this timeframe. Regardless, it will be a blast for all of us.

PM me or send me an email at

Thank you all for your time on helping me out with this. I was reserved about posting this request..but have always recieved sound advice.

Trying to utilize my resources and narrow my results with the time I have.

Thanks again