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Thread: Test yourselves...

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    Lightbulb Test yourselves...

    how well do you know photography, if you shoot digital:

    1) Cover up your LCD!

    2) Shoot manual!

    3) Use only 24 frames...

    This is an awesome self tutorial, I know many of you are excellent photographers, & with digital photography, it makes it much easier. But this lil' practice can & will make you even better.

    One it reinforces fundementals, which is core to great photography, & it also demands a set of skills, I think are going to be lost in the digital world.

    Why do I say that? I am just as guilty of it as well, I've shot thousands of photographs that were crap! Until I found one that was the "it" shot. I just either deleted the photo or kept them & never showed them again.

    Moon shots, star shots, Aurora Borealis shots, sunsets, blurred shots, etc. all take skills that we should be honing instead of going all over the auto light meter balance spectrum to find the right shot, just to find that right shot, and deleting all the rest.

    I myself, am not comfortable enough to be able to instantly reproduce some of my "it" shots...& that tells me that I am not skilled enough to call myself a "photographer". However I can practice the above & then know what apature to set at what light, know what speed film I should use, & what speed shutter I need.

    I hope that everyone here, who's a begining photo taker, tries to do this once a month & find out what can you produce, without the "cheating" from disposability of digital photography.

    Good luck & show off your results!

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    STANDING - CHEERING- CLAPPING !!!! you have hit the nail on the proverbial head !!!

    SO many people - think and act as through they have already arrived and they claim that title : PHOTOGRAPHER !!

    NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH !!

    Let me illustrate using a different principle to put this into perspective.

    I know how to use a saw, and cut a piece of wood, I also know how to bang in a nail using a hammer. DOES THAT MAKE ME A CARPENTER ?


    A photographer possess many skills - He / She is able to CONSISTENTLY expose, compose, and produce stunning results.

    Thank you so much for the GREAT POST you have made here!!

    I fear that many people that do consider them selves a PHOTOGRAPHER.

    would fail miserably if handed a different camera,

    They would fail miserably if handed film and no light meter.

    They would have no clue what to CLICK.

    we have become 'spoiled' in this digital CLICK age - skills are not required.


    GOGOALIE has made it very obvious - you must test yourself to see where you are in your quest to become a photographer !!

    I know of many people on this forum have tested themselves - their stunning work is obvious !!

    Photography is all about creating stunning images, not about typing manufacures hype and quoting needless facts.

    Thank you again gogoalie ! For posting perhaps the most impressive post I have ever read on any photography forum !!



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