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Thread: Hunting for Trees

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    Question Hunting for Trees

    OK I'm trying to take a trip out to test the ATVs I bought before the warrantee I have expires, but I'm in search of some of that Diamond Willow. Would like some suggestions, general directions, not looking for where you or others have specifically found any but this drainage or around this river off this road would be great. Besides for the stuff I see for sale in Alaska I have not found any, but I can't really say I've been looking. Kids are now old enough to get them out and I'd like to make sure that have plenty of things to do in this what I call the off time of the year.

    Thanks for any suggestions of what to look for or general directions of where to search.


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    Default willow

    I've seen diamond willow up past chickaloon on the side of the glen highway...


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