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Thread: Max or Argo

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    Default Max or Argo

    I have never had either one, but why is the Argo used so much more than the Max. Just wondering if there is a reason other than the Argo is easy to get in Alaska.

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    I think it's because the Argo is more readily available in Alaska. I have a couple of friends that own them and they love them. For me they are a little to slow but being able to still go out in bad weather without getting drenched sure is a nicety.

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    Default They both are good

    I have rode with guys who have both and they all say the Argo has a little bit better built quality and a different type of transmission. The Max has gotten alot better and is almost the same quality as Argo. I kind of like the Argo as it has more accessories.

    A rev kit on the motor will make it perform alot better as some of my freinds have done it and raved about it. It has been several years since they have installed them.

    I know a Paralyzed guy who uses an Older Arg and hunts and fishs with it. He even has a platform he rigged up with an electric Chain fall to pull him up into the tree IN THE ARGO. He is a bit nuts, he'll go anywhere hunting by himself in the Max..


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