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Thread: Sockeye near Glennallen

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    Default Sockeye near Glennallen

    Wondering if there are any good spots for reds anywhere along the Copper, accessible by car within an hour or two from Glennallen. I think there are some side-of-the-road / motorhome spots in Copper Center, anyone every fish here?

    I am going to be in Glennallen for a day or so next week and don't really have time or inclination to drive to Chitna with my dip net and four wheeler but would like to try to get some of those tasty Copper reds in. I would prefer to use my fly rod.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Gulkana and Klutina rivers both have solid runs of red salmon. I'm not sure of the current status of the respective runs, however.

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    not here yet... lol

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    Default Near Paxson...

    Quote Originally Posted by ret25yo View Post
    not here yet... lol

    I have seen reds below Paxson Lake by June 15th.... Some are real early goers.

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    Definitely hit up the Klutina. Bring at least a 7 weight, 8 weight prefered, and just flip for them. There are good spots from Groves or Klutina Campground for fishing. It was pretty slow last weekend, but if you put in the time you will definitely be rewarded. Some people were also latching into a few kings while targeting reds...

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