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Thread: Fuel question for Osprey owners

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    Default Fuel question for Osprey owners

    I have a 24 ft Osprey that quit at the boat launch last weekend and wouldn't restart and it seems like it ran out of gas. By my calculations it should have about 35 gallons of gas left. It did this once before also just as I was loading it and with about the same gas remaining but it ran enough to load . It always starts immediately and runs like a top other wise. My question is whether anyone has had trouble with fuel pickup of the last 30 gallon in the tank? I usually don't run it that low but felt a 35 gallon reserve was safe in the past but now I wonder if that is unusable.

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    I towed one back in a few years ago all the way from the south end of Knight island... He lost a fuel pump. Acted much the same as what you are describing. If so, be glad yours was at the dock.

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    Default Fuel tank working volume

    You do not say how you "think" there is 35 gallons left. Most fuel gauges are not accurate and don't trust tank labels or what the maufacturer states. I have a 27' Seasport with twin 82 gallon (USCG label and volume on the tank). I can only fit ~120 gallons in my tanks (ran out of fuel 100 yds from fuel dock). Another friend has similar tanks and is only able to put ~65 gallons in them. He had to pull his tank to plug a leak. The drop tube was ~1-2" off the bottom of the tank (thus limited range is not due to fuel access). Long story short, the tank manufacturer mislabled the tank volume (they actually admitted by their calcs it was not 82 gallons) and Seasport took the position that their stated literature volume is what the tank manufacturer stated. Best way to determine your working tank volume is to run it dry and refill it. You can also pull the fuel pickup tube to make sure it isnot your limiting case. GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Default What engineare yourunning?

    If you are sure there was fuel in the tank it could be an intermittent fuel pump problem, I would change out fuel filters if not recently changed. If you are running a Volvo Penta, like I am you might want to have Jim at Seward Heavy Industrial Power take a look at it, or at least talk to him. He has done a nice job of getting my 5.7 to settle down. You would not want a no start out in open ocean, coming back on the kicker is no fun.

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    Finally got a chance to work on the Osprey and added fuel and it started right up. I have a flowscan installed which has been very accurate and it said i used 118 gallons so theoretically I have 32 gallons left. I have never had it run lower then this before so I really don't know how much is left. I suspect that there is quite a bit left that is not available unless the boat is on step. Ospreys tend to ride a little bow down at idle so I suspect the fuel is very forward in the tank at that trim. the fuel gauge also varies considerably between idle and on step. My feeling is that we came into Seward on step and then idled into the slip and then the ramp. There is probably enough fuel in the filters and lines to idle that much. Obviously I need to check the fuel pickup line and will allow a much larger reserve from now on. thanks for all the input


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