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Thread: Anyone been on the Kobuk River.

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    Default Anyone been on the Kobuk River.

    I am planning a trip on the Kobuk for next august. Anyone been up there. I am planning on putting in at walker lake and floating down to the village of Kobuk. Heard the sheefishing is great up there.

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    Default pm me...

    I'll give you my number and will share my trip there.

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    Default Kobuk is great

    What a great river to float! I've been up the Kobuk from Kotzebue and the entire trip was wonderful. We started from Kotz in the early a.m. and went up the sound in a 21' carolina skiff; all of the water there seems to be very float friendly but we didn't go all the way up to the lake...

    Make sure you bring your picture taker and get schooled up on photographing the northern lights; there should be some fantastic displays. I went hunting up there a couple of years ago and became borderline hypothermic becuase I got hypnotized by the lights and their beauty. Make sure you take everything you need and some spares; it's super expensive up there... we had to stop in Kiana for gas and it was $5 a gallon two years ago... I shudder to think what it is now.


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