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    got to get a sealskin ready for the tannery and i was wondering if it was okay to wash it in the tub after i fleshed it. what kind of soap can you use? i need to get the blood out of it. after it is washed do i dry it then salt it? or is it okay to salt after i pat it dry with rags. thanks for your info in advance it is a really big hide and i dont want to ruin it...

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    if you are a single guy or have a spare upright washing can toss it in there with some powder TIDE laundry detergent and/or Oxyclean....use cold water on a meduim cycle.........or you can hand wash with the same maybe some dawn dish soap too, as it will help fight some of the grease/ can either hang it to dry, towel it, snap it like a rug, or when no one is looking throw it in the upright washer right on the agitator (make sure the weight is evened out) and put in on a spin only cycle......i really recommend doing all of this after it is fleshed......after you get it thoroughly drained of excess water you can put the salt to may need to change the salt an extra time because the hide is now saturated more than normal...this hot/sunny summer has been great for drying hides
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