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    Default Motor Swap

    I have an 80 horse Mecury Jet and I want to put a 50 horse on it for the Kenia. My question is, how hard is it to swap back and forth. Is this something that I am able to do or do I have to take it somewhere?

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    80 horse is a heavy motor and a 50 is no light weight slouch either. Still doable with a extra hand or two. But, is the boat rigged with a console with cables or is it a tiller handle motor? Tiller is easy to switch but a whole nother story if there are cables involved.

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    Default Motor Swap

    It's a tiller.

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    Default Holes should be the same.

    Gas fiitings will be different, probably (unless they're both Mercs)... what about transom height?

    If you want to swap, build a tripod and suspend a comealong under it. Back the boat up under the tripod, lift the motor by the lifting tab on the power head, pull the boat forward, get the motor out of the way, then reverse procedure with other motor.

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    Default OR

    A garage engine hoist works just fine. If you don't have one then one of your friends probably do.


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