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Thread: dipnetting in kenai need campground

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    Default dipnetting in kenai need campground

    My family and I are dipnetting in Kenai for the first time this summer and plan on being down there anthe 9th but I'm not sure where to stay as far as campgrounds go. I was wondering if any one had some ideas. I would be so very grateful. Thank you in advance.

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    Default usually packed but good reports

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    We've also stayed at Dimond M before. Definitely packed, but a nice place with a fish cleaning station. Expensive though as well.
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    I called the Diamond M today, they would not take a reservation in July for less than 3 nights @ $50 per night, after I agreed to staying 3 nights then they told me that if someone else wanted the campsite I was reserving for an entire week then my reservation would be "bumped" to a dry campsite instead. Heckuva way to run a business in my opinion.

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    Default camping

    I rent out a few spots (5 max, unless your cozy!) to people I know at my place right on the beach on the South Kenai dipnet parking area. You can wake up and walk or ride your wheeler to fishing. It's $45 per night, includes power if you bring your own 100' cord, free wireless internet if you can pick it up from your parking spot. There's a hose and a crude table for cleaning your fish. I haven't advertised as of yet, so it's wide open for reservations. I've been to busy at my other lodge. We'll hold them for whatever time you want. The picture of the place is above, since I sponsor this forum. We also have rooms available.

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    Give Jennifer a call to hold your spot at 283-3775 or 283-3775
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