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    Hello, has anyone run up to Klutina Lake? I drove up there on an ATV as I heard the road wasn't the best. I made it to the public launch, but it looks like it is below the lake by a mile or so? How difficult is the run to the lake as well as running the lake itself? I would be using a 14 ft Zodi/35 horse 2 stroke and am not overly experienced. Just looking to take it easy as I learn without getting over my head. Any info would be very much appreciated.


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    Your boat is just right for running up to Klutina. Keep in mind that lake blows up fast and you`ll run the risk of getting a bit wet but you`ll be safe with a Zodiac.

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    You can do it with that set up. It is a bigger lake than you think, and it really can blow up. Ran up there last year, as it had a been a few years. It was windy as hell, with 2.5 foot swells. I am not kidding about that either, with the glacial blue water and the swells, it felt like I was in Valdez. We were in my buddies 17 foot boat with his 50/35 Honda, we ran around, a bit, but beat the tar out of us. Caught one super silver dolly in the river. The road in is crappy, took us forever to get in there.

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    I gotta echo how fast and bad the lake will blow up in the afternoon. Be careful and keep a watch especially on the back half of the lake. If it gets bad pull into the shore and wait it out. It usaully will lay back down in the late evening. Good luck. akraven


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