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    Went dipping July 1 and 2. Worked our butts off, but got two families and a single limit of reds. Funny thing, been dipping for years and never had so many Kings in our nets. We hated seeing them, cause it was a pain to let them go. Some very nice big Kings and other boats were getting them also (more than normal). On Thursday, noticed the river starting to rise, did our best dipping at the lower limits starting about 6 pm. Other than that ,dipping was sporatic and slow for reds. Kings were unreal, both days.

    Also, as a side note..bought some of the 6 foot connector poles. AWESOME!!! Worked great.

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    You must have had good timing, we got there on friday nite, and fished sat & sun, 5 fish on sat & 11 on Sun, very slow, hardly anyone on the river on sunday. Hems quit running cause of lack of fish.
    Caught a few kings as well, had the best luck oposite Haley creek and netted a few right below the bridge in the shallows, a tuff drift, ez to get hung up, we did twice.
    Had to help some one get back to O'brien from Haley. too small a boat and he could not make it thru the canyon with much of a load and with the amount of water flowing.
    We had a good trip, a first for me.
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