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Thread: Aug. Valdez Silver/Halibut Combo trip

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    Default Aug. Valdez Silver/Halibut Combo trip

    New to the site and have been looking a while to find a recommended combo trip for two people in August. We are looking at one day Aug 29th for opening in Valdez to try halibut and silvers. Fish size is less important than action as my wife has less patience for fishing and would rather mix it up.

    The only available charter I have found is Kingfisher's Perch

    Anyone have experience with this outfit or recommend another?
    From speaking with outfits the good halibut ground is quite a ride so few people combo with halibut for that reason.

    Thanks In Advance

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    I don't have any specific recommendations, just if you're looking for action, silvers should be awesome then. One option is to charter a halibut boat, then either before or after fish for silvers from shore. I usually do just fine from land, assuming the schools are in a decently fishable spot. That's the only drawback to the plan: sometimes they move, and it's not always easy to move with them.


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