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Thread: The 4th at Birchwood

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    Default The 4th at Birchwood

    The 2nd Amendment was alive and kickin' at Birchwood on the 4th. Lots of folks making a joyful noise with quite a variety of firearms.

    Of special note was the SASS, which had a very elaborate set up on multiple ranges. What a spectacle to see all the gussied up cowboy shooters packing their shootin' irons and having a great time competing with one another. This is one exciting club, and if you haven't ever seen one of their shoots, make plans to stop in for the next one. You won't be disappointed.

    Adding to the commotion was the Alaska Machine Gun Association. What a great organization! They were out in force at the 300 m range down at the very end. I understand they also had a shoot going on up in Fairbanks. There is never any way to predict what kinds of goodies will show up at an AMGA shoot and this time was no exception. From a Browning Mod 1919 on a tripod to a Glock 18 with a shoulder stock, all variety of NFA weapons were put through their paces, and a lot of non-NFA weapons as well. Heck, I didn't know that you could get an AR-15 with that short a barrel on it.....

    Kudos to all the shooters (whatever toys they were shooting) for putting on the very best sort of fireworks display at Birchwood. By exercising the right that truly makes the US so different from almost all of the rest of the world, all the shooters there showed us the true meaning of freedom!

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    Default Best enjoy it...

    while it I see that everyone's thinking that Obama's gunna take away all our guns...


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