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    I went out to shoot today in honor of our founding fathers who took up arms to fight the oppression of tyranny. With no oppressors to target I shot a few rounds through the chronograph. I had a box of Federal hunting loads for the 41 Mag. These are labeled cast core and of course are what we call hard cast, specifically Cast Performance 250 grain WFNGC bullets. The label on the box claims a velocity of 1250 fps. I shot these through a 4" S&W model 58, a 4 5/8" Ruger Blackhawk and a 6 1/2" Ruger Blackhawk.

    I also pulled one of these and found what I believe is H110 at about 17 grains charge weight.

    S&W 4"------1109 fps ES 72 fps
    Rug 4 5/8" --1152 fps ES 109 fps
    Rug 6 1/2" --1269 fps ES 20 fps.

    I guess the H110 likes more barrel length to deliver, Hmmmmmm........

    I can duplicate this load with clean burning N110 with ES numbers of less than 20 even in the short barrel.
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    They realy liked the 6 1/2" barrel,20 es.

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    Whats your opinion on W296 in your 41"s? I loaded up some 250grain lead rnsp's for my 45 lc with 296 and thought it was almost as nasty as H110. Will it be the same in the 41?

    I have decided on 41/210 jhp's as my deer bullet. I know Elmer would shake his head too. However I promise only broadside boilerroom or front on shots will be taken. That's been my rule for 20 years+ and so far(knock on wood) I have not had a handgun shot deer get away! 22 grains of W296 is what I have circled in my old Hornady book. Or what would you consider the optimum powder for the 41 if not 296?

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    H110 and 296 is the same powder.

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    Brain fart, laps or something. Now that you tell me that they are the same powder I remember a post concerning such. Sorry!

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    Lil-Gun is the best clean shooting high power replacement powder for H110/W296. I don't load for 41 but in 357 and 45lc I get a bit more fps with Lil-Gun so I don't see why it would not do as well in a 41. Never tried N110 and will give it s try also. 2400 also does well, not as hot but faster so better in short guns.
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