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Thread: Question on taking Pic's

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    Default Question on taking Pic's

    I'm trying to figure out how to go fishing and take pictures of my catch and then release the fish unharmed, by myself. Any ideas? The only one I have is to take my 35mm and tripod and set it up with the timer. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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    Default do not

    do not hold your camera with one hand and a fish in the other with the pole under your arm in knee deep water......unless the camera is either not yours or water proof.....odds are your camera is digital....if you take a back pack try setting the camera on there and looking through the view finder then setting the timer and jumping to where you wanna be with the fish....this may take some practice....and several attempts....i myself have gone to just taking pictures of the fish on some nice gravel with the rod/reel laying there or maybe the fly in its mouth....these make for much pretty pictures without myself in they are usually closer up and show the fish better
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    First thought, leave the 35 mm and tripod behind. You are fishing man, lighten your load. Get a little waterproof point and shoot and add to your wader pocket. Pentax has a great waterproof camera. Not sure the current model number, but I have the Pentax W20 and it is great for taking fishing.

    As for the shot of the fish, maybe try gently laying the fish on the ground beside your fly reel/rod, spinning rod, or alone, and take a shot or two that fill the frame.

    Being alone with a fish and camera leaves few options. Thought long on this myself. Best bet is to get a shot of the fish on the ground. Perhaps get an angle to the fish to get some of the water or nearby greenery in the shot. Gravel gets boring quick. Better yet, lay the fish in some nearby greenery. Open a fly box on the ground beside the fish. Anything interesting that you can add would be worth trying. Just be sure to limit the time the fish is out of the water. Easier said than done, but something we all should be aware of.

    Fishing alone is tough for photos. We float rivers each fall and I never get the shots I want of fish. I plan to pick the wife up a waterproof Pentax so I can get some decent shots of ME fishing. I have a Pentax W20 (waterproof) and get lots of shot of her. Easiest thing to do is have a camera in her hands all the time and maybe I will get some decent images of me in the pics. Otherwise one day the grandkids will ask, "Why didn't Grandpa ever catch any fish?". ha ha ha... Example below of what I tried....

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    Learning how to excercise your IMAGINATION is the key here.

    What can you do to make that fish look attractive ?

    Me personally, I would bring a plastic plate w/ knife and fork and create the image in that manner !! A slice of lemon would add brilliant color to your prize !!

    I am sure if you sit down and look around and THINK.. .. you will come up with a splendid idea that works !!

    All it takes is .. .. .. 'practice' !!


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