From my post a couple of days ago:

Our trending isn't looking very good for escapement this year, nothing like the first run of the Russian; but from now through the end of the week there should be some fish popping into the Kasilof.

SW winds are predicted throughout the week and that tends to "blow" fish into the river mouths at decent levels. With the EO's flying around it'll be difficult to get some fish but I think (IMO) this is one of those rare weeks of favorable weather, winds, tides to get a cooler filled up.

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My buddy Robb is on top of it
Back country Rob is right on. Please buy his Kenai-keeper cause it helps to keep him posting. He is well educated and inquisitive which is what anything or any body wants. He is my underling but overwhelms me at the same time. I made him join the Mat-su advisory committee and he has been spot on. I think I found someone to take my place!!!! Ken

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Yesterday's (July 1st) weir count was 10k fish... maybe time to grab a dipnet and head down?