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Thread: My trip...6/20 - 6/27 + Video

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    Default My trip...6/20 - 6/27 + Video

    Well after getting our backsides handed to us by the fish gods on our trip I finally have some motivation to post. We fished really really hard for kings in the mat su valley and finally ended up getting 4 kings on Monday at Montana. After that we went and floated the Gulkana and caught one huge bow and thats all. We then went to the Klutina on the last day and that saved the trip. We ripped up some reds and thats about all the good I have to report. We are going to go back in july 2011 and get an RV this time. I am getting old for this sleep in a tent on the ground crap....oh well thats life. I'm going to take my boat out on Lake Michigan tomorrow and make my self feel better....catch all the **** steelhead and kings I want...

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    Default Nice vid

    Looks like you all had fun.
    Get the rv too. Lets you sleep much better

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    An RV is the only way to fly! Worth every penny!

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    Nice video, and it looks like we just missed ya on in all locations, and it looks ya might have missed the rain.

    Might be hard to get that RV in your raft if your camping along the Gulkana, but man it sure would be nice at the Klutina.


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