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Thread: FBR rig video, salmon strikes on camera

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    Default FBR rig video, salmon strikes on camera

    I don't know if many people in alaska follow the salmon seasons we have down here in California but our coho are an endangered species so we can't keep them and try to avoid catching them and our chinook season is closed this year as well as last year. Basicly it sucks to be a guy that likes to catch salmon in the waters of California. As the video exlains it a little bit and that we can't fish at all this year except for one 10 day season in a very small area these guys went to test their products without hooks and videos it. Pretty cool video I think, just wanted to share it. It's pretty much an advertisement, I'm not promoting or endorsing the product, I just think the strike footage is interesting. Seeing how different fish strike really can be helpful on the water when deciding how to fish.

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    Looks like they had the hooks to me????


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