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    Default Cook Boxes

    Danattherock had some really good ideas for float trip cooking and got me thinking.

    I used to keep a old army footlocker as my camp cook box. I would keep all the essentials in there, spices, paper towels, pans, utensils, etc. When I decided to go fishing or camping I just grabbed it and stopped by store for beer, dogs and steaks and life was good, no further planning needed. Now I have a boat and it seems that i start from scratch each time and end up with 3 times what I need and a lot that I don't need. I also want to watch the weight a little (boat weight not mine). I am looking for ideas of what your cook box looks like. I want something I can keep stocked so when I am ready to go, I just go. I am going to swipe most of Dan's idea's. I am on a small boat so I am using a Coleman propane combo unit that has a single burner and a grill. It is great for chili dogs, and burgers. I also have an ice chest or two.

    So any one want to share there secrets.

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    I'm not nearly that organized. I used a milk crate to carry pots/pans/utencils/plates. I don't have everything in one spot; until we bought a motorhome!

    For float trips, I use 5 gallon buckets to haul pot/pan/utencils/propane canisters.



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