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Thread: Making Assist Hooks for Jigs

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    Default Making Assist Hooks for Jigs

    I'm a long time fly tier, and I am wondering if anyone rigs up their own assist hooks for their jigs? You know the hooks that come off the top of the jig instead of the bottom? Sometimes it is one hook nearer the top and one hook hanging all the way down close to the bottom of the jigs. Sometimes it is only a single hook.

    I've patched together a few of my own with mono and even some lighter cord I found around the house with some success. I've caught a few rock fish and a halibut on the last trip to PWS. I've put them on a few 9 and 12 ounce jigs so far.

    My questions:

    What line/cord do you use? Hooks sizes and brands? How do you cover the knot at the hook? /Or do you even bother to do so? Single hook or tandem?

    Also, if you think such setup are a waste of time I'm interested in hearing about that too.

    Thanks for any tips.


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    I've used doubled 80# dacron knotted and 300# mono crimped. The dacron is too limp and the assist can tangle with your leader, the 300# mono seems too stiff. They guys verticle or yo/yo jigging use 500# kevlar which I plan to go to. I've used 10/0 Gamakatsu hooks. You can get pre-tied assist hooks, but they are pretty spendy.

    I think they are the way to go, and am running some jigs with a single assist and no bottom hook. I figure you are less likely to loose jigs to the bottom by running only an assist hook. Also the second hook gives me serious concern about getting myself hooked when bringing the fish on board, and it'll definately get tangled in a landging net.

    As far as the length of the assist, I've heard the bottom of the hook bend should be between 1/2 way down the jig, and 1/3 of the way down the jig.

    I found these 14 oz jigs worked quite well last year, until I lost them all to the rocks

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    Well I am kinda rushed tonight but-I have seen vidieo of how to tie the assist hooks on youtube. Search butterfly jig or assist hook and I think something will turn up. I have seen them but can't offhand remember where on youtube That butterfly jigging is sure interesting.I fish PWS so if you have any luck with the butter fly jigs share it with us Good Luck


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