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Thread: Klamath in the Salt?

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    Default Klamath in the Salt?

    I'm looking at a little 16' Klamath with a 30 horse. Would I be nuts to take this rig into Kachemak Bay and Resurrection Bay to try and catch some chickens and silvers? Seems like a nice little boat, but I don't want to do anything stupid.

    All opinions are welcome....

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    Default 16' Klamath

    If that's what you can afford don't let the size hold you back from having fun.
    Caution, only go out on flat calm days. Don't push your luck. Fish early as winds usually come up in the afternoon. We see those boats trolling Kings off Deep Creek and fishing Silvers in Seward.

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    I posted this on a similar thread in the fishing section:

    To me the reason I recomend against folks using smaller craft in the saltwater is two-fold. There certainly will be those perfect days when you can take a small skiff out safely. The problem is, those days don't often co-incide with the time you'll be able to go boating. And then the boater is faced with that dilemna, I put all the effort into getting everything ready for this trip, and it doesn't look that bad, so they put out, and then the conditions get worse and they have no place to hide out, or think they can get back to the dock vs. holing up.

    So I'd say if the boat can't handle 4' chop safely, it is a poor choice for the weekend boater. No-one goes out in such conditions, but you often find yourself in those conditions eventually.

    For an aluminum skiff, I'd personally want a minimum of a 20' bayrunner, for rigid hulled inflatables, the 16's are pretty capable. Minimum hp would be 50 hp, but I'd be much happier with a 75 or 90 if the boat can handle it. Add a couple guys and gear, and a 50 just isn't that much hp.

    I'd give a serious consideration to the 1990 bayrunner AM&D has in their park and sell I can't believe they haven't sold it yet.

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    I have been in Seward for 20 yrs & own a 16' Klamath with a 30 hp Evinrude. It can get me around alright. But not big enough!!!! Add on another person & it is way too small and under powered!! Love the boat for king fishing on the Kenai River. Not enough to get outside the bay where the good fishing is. Wish I had a bigger boat

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    I used to have an 18' Klamath and I used it out of Deep Creek. I only went out if the weather was good, and as soon as the wind started to pick up I was heading in. I also used it on Skilak a lot. You have to be responsible with that size boat, but you can get out on the water with it and catch some fish.


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