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    Default pulleys

    I would like to buy pulleys and rope for my moose hunt coming up in sept. I was just wondering what kind of pulleys and rope everyone recommends buying nothing expensive just somenthing that will get the job done........ and I know do not shoot them in the water! I would rather have it if I need it then not have it.

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    Question Pulleys...

    ...just learn to WHACK and HACK and dissemble Mr moose wherever he falls. STACK on dry ground.
    Forget bringing or using a pulley. Bring an extra knife, and a strong (Barneys) backpack.
    Keep it simple.


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    A Rope-Along and the correct rope, then you can shoot them in the water !
    It can use an infinite length of rope so it all depends on how much you want to carry with you.

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    I have a rope and pully bag I carry everywhere in my outdoor adventures except on my back. (atv, airplane, boat) I bought all of mine at REI. Buy 100' 1/2" rescue rope (static line) not the stretchy stuff. Get pullies big enough for the rope and a few locking caribiners. The whole thing probably weighs 10 lbs. I have hoisted a Super Cub up a cut bank away from the tide once with another guy with my setup. I have picked snowmobiles out of holes and multiplied my ATV winch enough to lift it in the air and out of trouble solo.

    Look up on Google how to do a Z-rig and other pully systems. The system makes dragging moose to dry land a piece of cake and can be used for dozens of other uses.
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    Light weight pulley system:

    120ft 10mm static rope, $76.80, 2.4kg, 1 100ft section, 2 10ft sections

    3 pulleys, 5000lb pulling strength each, $40.95, 130.5g

    3 locking carabiners, over 5000lb break limit, $24.30, 180g

    Total weight: Just under 6 lbs
    Total cost: $142.30, not including shipping.

    This kit would be great for not only moose, but also a stuck ATV or truck, rescuing someone from a crevasse or cliff, or whatever else comes to mind. Light enough to be carried in your pack.

    Biggest downside, not cheap. But if you are in a situation that you need it and don't have it, you would pay 5 times as much to have one.

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    Asrjb25 or others -

    do you happen to have a source that shows how to set up the blocks and carabiners?



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    This is basically how to do it, you can also search for Z drag, or mechanical advantage system, or 4-1 or 3-1 pulley system, they are all basically the same.
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    I picked up a small block and tackle out of aluminum at a yard sale. The guy said it came off his sail boat. It's not big enough for moose but you might find something bigger at a marine store that would work for you.

    Just a suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by asrjb25 View Post
    This is basically how to do it, you can also search for Z drag, or mechanical advantage system, or 4-1 or 3-1 pulley system, they are all basically the same.
    Nice Illustration. A picture is worth 1000 words.

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    Thanks for the info - I killed a moose last fall in the Brooks Range, but was lucky in that it just required a quarter mile pack to the rafts across flat ground - next time, I'll be ready with a Z rig, just in case!

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    Default Rope Systems

    There are two major ways of moving heavy objects in the field that every one is eluding to. One is the with a rope come along and pulleys. The second is with using perlon "a non-strecthy cord", carabiners, and pulleys. Most mountaineering books will show you how to set up a multiplier system for rope. The pricipal works the same for both systems. The information that seems to be missing is how you will be traveling when hunting as both systems have advantages and disadvantages. I have both system and will carry one or the other when hunting.

    The rope come along has a great load capacity but comes at the cost of weight and bulk. The perlon system is alot lighter and easier to pack than the rope come along, but has less load capacity. If you have more questions shoot me a PM and I will help you with this.


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