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Thread: Sucking power of rivers !!!

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    Default Sucking power of rivers !!!

    I read this earylier today . Very sad for all involed . A day of fun in the sun turns out bad.,2933,...est=latestnews

    JACKSON, Wyo. A Boy Scout leader died on a troop rafting trip on a popular whitewater stretch of the Snake River.

    Craig McCuistion of Rexburg, Idaho, drowned Friday after being thrown from his raft when it hit a rapid known as Three Oar Deal. McCuistion was leading a Boy Scout rafting trip with other adults.

    Lincoln County Coroner Michael Richins says McCuistion was wearing a life jacket but was sucked under by a whirlpool.

    Another trip leader was thrown from the raft but was able to swim away, Richins said. All of the Boy Scouts stayed in the raft and were unhurt. Richins said he did not know how may Scouts were on the trip.

    McCuistion was 50, according to an obituary in the Idaho Falls Post Register.
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    That is sad, prayers for his friends and family.

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    Default Learn to Return

    Learn to Return has some excellent classes of White Water Survival and White Water Rescue. Along with some other very good classes.
    I have taken a few, they are very good.

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    Default reminds me of copper river.

    when ever I see those big whirl pools on the copper river,, I just wonder,, if I guy in a good flotation vest could survive if sucked into to one of those big ones... If you have ever come up on one,,they are very spooky looking indeed.. .. I tossed a 3 foot long 4 inch piece of dry firewood I had on the raft into one, and watched to see if I ever came back up somewhere,, I never saw that stick again.. I am sure it came up somewhere, but not while we were watching...
    Next, I tossed an extra throw flotation device, ( Seat cushion ) into the next big one I saw.. I had a 30 foot 3/8 in rope tied on, and it pulled it down and out of sight, ,, the rope got tight for a few seconds and then pulled loose by our rafts momentum, and surfaced a few seconds later... It would not take long for a person to take on too much H2o in a panic situation to drown them if caught in such a hydrolic like that....
    Learn to Return tries to teach you about dealing with the panic factors wihen submerged and trapped when you don't want to be..
    If you get the chance to take a course from these folks,, do it..
    I am saddened by the news about what happened on the Snake river, and the loss of a good man..... my prayers also to his family and also to his Scout troop.
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