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    traveling north up to Harding lake and was hoping to do some fishing there, or in the vicinity... does anyone know if there is decent fishing in the lake, or if there is good grayling, pike, or burbot fishing nearby? Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    well depending on your route, the denali has great does delta clearwater.

    harding though I've never fished it in the summer (hoping to this year maybe tonight yet cough cough) has some big fish in it though it's not an easy lake to fish by any means. there is little harding next door to big harding, full of rainbows..some nice fish to boot but finding something over 18"es is tough..they are there though you'll see what I mean if you fish it late at nite.

    Remember single hook artificial on little harding only! Big harding is also a single hook lake now and still closed to pike fishing last I had heard.

    Quartz can be good though i usually only fish it shortly after ice out.

    If you have a boat, the upper salcha is good for grayling. And the tannana is good for burbot which you can do from the bank. The shaw creek area is fished pretty hard but has fish..or had atleast at one time...

    The upper chena has some good grayling fishing also. if you make it all the way to fairbanks.

    If you're doing the glenn, you might make a pit run to the klutina for reds....getting calls daily to come down but after my stint on the kenai I dont think I'm going..they are limiting out pretty quick.

    options options options....


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