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Thread: Quartz Creek strip @ Cooper Landing

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    Default Quartz Creek strip @ Cooper Landing

    I'm thinking of flying there tomorrow morning, any suggestions on what to do while I'm there???

    I'm not the best angler, but I'll have my ugly stick with some spinning equipment and some hip waders...looks like there could be some good bank fishing where the Quartz Creek empties into Kenai Lake.

    Any other suggestions? How about Lawing Field...Anything going on over there?



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    Default quartz creek strip

    nice little strip. well maintained. when I fly down there I usually call Wildman's and have them pick me up and drop me off at either the kenai ferry or the russian. Check out the little cafe on the corner about 1/2 mile walk from the strip. Flying down there sure beats fighting the road construction during the week.

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    Default Quartz creek

    Done it twice this year! Great airstrip, although to far away from the russian to walk, and lots of restrictions on fishing in kenai lake. I usually go down when i know friends will be there to pick me up. Love the flight in, absolutely breathtaking terrain. Never been to lawing, although it is on my list of to dos. Have fun and fly safe!

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    Thanks guys!

    Just got back from the flight...walked to the Sunrise Inn for a cheeseburger then strolled around the campground for a little bit...super nice day.

    I didn't bring my fishing stuff with me cause I can't find my fishing license Oh well, the flight made it worth while.

    A little bumpy out there today but was having fun for a while catching thermals around hidden lake turning with the birds...and a real greaser landing back at Soldotna to top it off.

    I love flying...


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