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Thread: Kenai, Alaska - requesting help

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    Default Kenai, Alaska - requesting help

    Hello all,

    I am writing to you today because I've exhausted all my options in searching for housing for the month of August in Kenai.

    I will be a 3rd year medical student this August and I am starting out my first rotation in Kenai. I will be traveling from Maine to New York to Seattle, arriving in Anchorage on the 3rd of August. My rotation starts on the 3rd, however I have not been successful in finding a roof over my head for the month of August. I was hoping perhaps my internet connection could lend me a hand somehow.

    I've tried all the motels, and hotels in the area and they are way too expensive or booked. I have tried Craiglist, and sublets. Most places want a a 6month lease minimum! I am staying for Aug 3rd to Sept 2nd. Is there anyone here that live in downtown Kenai or know of anyone that is willing to let me crash their basement, spare room or even their couch for the month of august? I would love to split the rent or what not.

    Any help/info/suggestions appreciated.

    you can contact me at

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    Unfortunately you are coming at a tough time of year, August is fishing season and hotels make their $ in the months of June, July and August.

    Have you contacted the hospital? I'd think that they would be your best bet in seeing if some of the staff would have available space, or know of someone that needs house sitting.


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