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Thread: Twentymile Video

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    Default Twentymile Video

    Great scenery while running downriver.............

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    Default Great fun!

    And no bad music either Maybe a little bluegrass next time?
    Thanks for the vid.

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    NICE, did you find any fish or just have too much fun running the water. We might have to have a wooldridge rally out there.
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    Default just gawking

    Did not even bring poles. Did see a distressed cow and calf cross the river 200 feet from where we sat on a gravel bar eating lunch (right at the forks), that got us up and moving towards the boat, then the black bear that was chasing them appeared and also crossed the river 100 feet away as we were retreating to the boat, all happened too fast to get on video...........

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    Default Nice

    Looks like good times all right. Kinda similar to some rivers I grew up running off the Kuskokwm. Do people camp on the River?

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    I love it up there! Saw a sow blackie with triplets in same area you mentioned last year. I bet a fast run is fun...I use a portabote with a big honkin 6hp...what the floats and goes


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