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Thread: Juvenile Humpback Whales

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    Question Juvenile Humpback Whales

    Had an interesting encounter last weekend in PWS with a young humpback (I think is was a humpback). It came up to the boat while we were picking pots and started breeching all around the boat. It followed us for quite a while, from pot to pot. I never had seen anything like it. On our last set, a different boat entered the area and, off like a shot, he went over to greet them as well. Funny stuff.

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    Cool experience. Looks like nice weather, too.
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    Talking Great Weekend

    It was a banner weekend for PWS. We braved the gauntlet of bowpickers at Main Bay, but alas, not enough fish in to snag. We spent the night in bay and headed to Ester Island area thinking about looking at Coghill, but the guys wanted a sure bet for catching something, so we went to Lake bay for chums. They had a ball. The kept the bright ones for canning. But when the weather is nice like that, you can't complain.

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    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.


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