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Thread: marine batteries- question

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    Default marine batteries- question

    I have two marine batteries that run through a battery power switch (1,2, 1&2, and off).

    I've been having dead battery issues. I think I have a short in the system, but have not found any obvious signs of wear and tear or obvious places the plastic has rubbed off to ground ( it's all new wires/ batteries/ switch/ etc.).

    When I test battery 2 with the switch on off, it says it's drawing .3 amps. is that normal? the 2nd observation is that when the battery switch is on, but all electronics/lights etc are off inside. I'm getting a draw of 1.3 amps. no fuses are blowing.

    the connections are tight at the battery terminals.

    Any thoughts as to why it's drawing when the battery switch is on off/ or why it's drawing with all components are off?

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    You do not have a short; you do have something draining the #2 battery. I would remove a fuse one at a time or throw the circuit breaker to see what is causing the problem.

    If that does not work remove the cable going to #2 battery and see if you have a problem. If you do, follow the cable and remove any wire connected to it, until the problem goes away.

    On some boats a bilge pump is connection directed to one of the battery.

    1.3 amps.
    Some electronic equipment needs power for their memory circuit, that may be why you think you are having a problem when you have everything turn off.

    Did you have a problem before the new wiring was install?

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    Do you have any lights in areas not immediately visible? I had a light that kept getting switched on in the head - not obvious, and not readily visible in the daylight. Kept draining the battery until I removed the bulb - I just use the head as a storage closet.

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    Default 12vdc Test light

    Disconnect the positive on the battery,
    put the test light attached to the battery cable and the battery terminal. The light should come on. Might be dim. Pull each fuse till the light goes off, thats the fuse still drawing current. thats one easy way or use a volt meter.


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