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Thread: Valdez Boat Storage

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    Default Valdez Boat Storage

    I would like to leave my boat down in Valdez from July 5 thru late August. Does anyone have a recommendation on a inexpensive relatively secure place to store? It's a 20 foot fiberglass boat on a trailer.


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    get hold of member / moderator Dave in the burbs...

    he is in Valdez, but my 7 years down there. boat storage went for 2-8 dollars a day depending on where you had space at. and don't even consider over the winter there.... summer storage is note quite as much maint, but keep in mind if your bilge fills up.. it can be sank on shore with the amount of rain that falls. and you would be surprised at how little it takes to plug the bilge plug hole... 2 leaves... a small stick... 17 gallons of water in the oil pan of a 350..... can get expensive.

    none the less. f you have out boards you need to ensure water damage is not an option during storage....
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    Default short time storage in Valdez

    Call Herb at 831-0150, he is out of town at Robe River subdivision. He is really reasonable.


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