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    Hey guys, I'll be doing another trip next year with my bro. We've booked a floating cabin in Kodiak through Thanks to Dave aka tightlines. Pretty sweet set up with 2 aluminum skiffs and, well, a floating cabin! If that isnt cool, I dont know what iS!!

    Anyways, as usual, I cant stop thinking about the trip even though its more than 13 months away.

    I know we're going to be halibut fishing over there and so I just wanted to know what that white thick rope is used for the leader? I saw it twice last year on the halibut charters that I went one. It looks like really thick, old school, shoe laces.

    When I first saw that rope it made me realize how stupid halibut are.

    "Rope? Wait? Whatever...just eat it."

    anyways, this post is too long for nothing.

    I just wanted to know what that rope is.

    Thanks guys.

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    some of the charter boys I have seen use "ganion" for leaders. We use it long lining for halibut, cod, etc. More akin to the old window sash weight ropes than anything. Tough stuff that they are not going to cut though if they swallow the hook, and it is cheaper than heavy mono for leaders.

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    Default It's not rope

    It's called Gaignon twine. You can find it at any commercial fishing supply store. You usually buy it in spools. 1/2# and 1# spools are pretty common . It is often listed on the spool how many feet of Twine you get per pound. I buy mine at the Gear Shed in Homer or Silvertip in Kasilof but as you are from out of state this won't help you much.You can probably find it online somewhere though if you don't have a comm. fish store nearby. Hope this helps Chris.
    p.s. it comes in other colors other than white. Many people prefer the black but beyond certain depths color matters little anyway.

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    I would def. go with that Gagione line. It is really tough stuff, it'll hold up to Lingcod bites time after time.
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    Hey guys,

    I tried looking for gangion, gagnon, gagnion and several other spellings through google but cannot find much.

    Anybody know of some online sites that sell the stuff?


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    Try all kinds of com and sport goodies.

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    Default also

    forgot reddenmarine under cordage..


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