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Thread: thoughts and ideas wanted

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    Default thoughts and ideas wanted

    My dad and his buddy are coming up here to spend some time with me at camp. But now he wants to stop for a couple days in ANC and go halibut fishing (preferably) out of Seward. He wants to do an overnight on a boat (leave in pm catch a limit and then catch another limit after midnight) so he can get a two limits and come on up to see me. I've been given the task of trying to set this up for him and am looking for recommendations.


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    Default salt water safaries does this out of seward I think

    give them a call. Good outfit, good gear. But they know they are good too, sometimes the attitude could be a little better, BUT I have never had a bad day with them.

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    Default Overnight

    Search the web. I know at least one outfit does overnight x2 limit trips out of Homer, I would think Seward has something similar.

    If you're real adventurous, you could rent a Hewes from these guys in Whittier and do it yourself.

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    Default Overnights

    Alaska Coastal Marine does them out of Homer. Hit or miss for big fish. I've done them many times throughout the last decade and a half and they seem to focus on quantity with a few 50's in the mix.

    There is another operator out of Homer and at least one in Seward, but I've never fished with them.

    Alaska Coastal does have a "new" boat (Nautilus) that has sleeping births for all which is nice if you are not into sleeping in a booth or partying all night. It is big and runs smooth.


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