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Thread: Kodiak/Rasperry fishing, cabin options?

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    Default Kodiak/Rasperry fishing, cabin options?

    I'm interested in making a trip to the Kodiak area for salmon fishing- what time frame is best? Mid-September okay? Not interested in open water fishing, just wading and fly-fishing.

    We're looking for a small cabin for 2-3 people that is close to, or ideally, situated on good fishing rivers. Feel free to post up or PM me with ideas or contacts!

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    Default Mining Kodiak silver...

    Mid-September is one of the optimum times to hit the road system for silvers. That is when ADF&G trditionally opens all the rivers upstream of highway bridge crossings for these brutes. Dependent on weather and temperature, you could well wind up on one of the easiest, least crowded and cost-efficient fisheries for salmon in the entire state.

    There are not a lot of cheap cabins roadside. State cabins are in the interior and remote. If you are really tight on bucks, then camp just about anywhere or use the State Park system. If you want comfort, then do your research and split costs at a B&B.

    Visit for details. The bookstore on this site has a book devoted entirely to the island plus others that cover it in somewhat limited scope.

    The island is really unique in that it offers up opportunity and charm and comfort without having to reach deep pockets...

    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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