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Thread: Opinions on Dan Wesson Model 7445 Special .445 Alaskan Guide

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    Default Opinions on Dan Wesson Model 7445 Special .445 Alaskan Guide

    Dan Wesson Model 7445 Alaskan Guide Special .445 Supermag.
    One of the handguns for the bush I am considering. Anyone have any experience or opinions on this gun? Thanks!!

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    I am not familiar with the Gude gun but am well familiar with the DW revolvers and have owned the super mag calibers, 357, 414 and the 445. The are very well made, accurate and strong. They are not for the novice or ill trained. They are not ported nor do they have the sissy compensator of the big S&W guns. With the super mag 44 it is a serious hunting gun. I'd suggest the 8" barel to take advantage of the 445 capability. Since CZ acquired this company a few years ago there has been a revival for the DW revolvers and their 1911 models. These are all very fine guns and now with a domestic company (CZ USA in Kansas City, KS) behind them with money, warranty and good management, now is a good time to buy into the guns. I shot the iron chickens with a DW in the 445 for a number of years and it was all anyone would want. I have shot forties with it. It does deliver energy on the ram to tip it over.

    If you are an accomplished gunner with a 44 mag revolver, you could be ready to move up to the 445 super. If not....... well it is a fine gun and you can always shoot the 44 special loads in the gun.
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    I've no experience with the model you refer to, but love the early DW's. I think the model you refer to is ported with the sight set back on the shroud?
    To my understanding CZ is not making revolvers at this time. They do make parts and will do work on them...reported to be good work, but a bit slow as their focus is on the autos. They just updated their prices on barrels/ ready for sticker shock! Not all parts are for sale to us common folk, but for most parts they get them in the "mail" pretty quick.

    As a side note: if you get this gun, make sure to get all the acc. that come with it, esp. the combo tool and the barrel changing tools, (may be all in one). I think all the DW's are put together with hexhead screws and their tools make like so much easier to work on them.

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    I believe CZ has already stoped the revolver production even though they said they wouldn't at the start. They are very strong and good shooting guns and do have a small following. To me their 10mm S/A is a better stronger gun than the Colt. Ruger and S&W both ended up copying them in a way with the foward cylinder latch for extra strenght idea.

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    Dan Wesson makes a fine revolver. The design soaks up recoil. It is the mildest recoiling .44 mag I have ever shot and will handle the stoutest loads. I don't know much about the .445 but I believe it was specifically designed for silhouette shooting.


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