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Thread: Lining freighter canoes: Grumman 19 vs. Osage 17

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    Default Lining freighter canoes: Grumman 19 vs. Osage 17

    I would be very interested to hear about anyone's opinion/experience with respect to how the Osage 17 lines in comparison to the Grumman 19. More specifically, does the Osage 17 line well?

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    Default Lining

    they both work very well the Grumman 19 FT has a 1 inch " T " keel that works very well, it is what ever one you get used too, an learn the short comings an use it to your advantage, but if I was you I would get a lift an but a Motor on it, an any place you can line you can run an then some there is a few places

    MY 2cts

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    The keel is important here as Sid says......I've never used Osage and am not familiar with keel design.

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    Default lining canoes

    Do you mean lining up river?
    If so I don't see the importance of a keel. Or downriver for that matter.

    I've lined old town canoes (dicovery 17') no problem, no keel, many miles.
    I think a keel would actually be a hindrance as it would prevent you from drawing the bow closer to shore when you need to.

    Whitewater canoes do not line as well as trippers because of their rocker.
    They are like dragging a bathtub upstream.

    You can line a canoe where no motor boat will go, lift or not. Any type of motor.

    I think you need to try it out to see!


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