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    No, I don't have too much time on my hands, I'm actually a busy person. I have had an idea of making dog food with a pressure cooker for years, but this year I'd like to try. I'm talking about using meats and fish (usually leftovers from butchering a caribou or moose and fish parts, skins, ect. or freezer burned meat along with vegetables, etc.) and making sort of a "soup". I'm not a big fan of commercial dog food so my dog gets a carefully balanced "leftovers" diet mostly. Just wondering if anyone has a recipe for this kind of thing or actually does it. I have looked online but did't really like what I found so far. I'm wondering what iditarod dogs eat besides dog food for ideas.
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    Default Homemade dog food.

    Due to the cost of “good” kibble and the degrading the ingredients, I’ve been making “stew” for several months. We have 1 field bred Lab, a chocolate Lab that has some kind of reaction to commercial kibble, a GreatDane/Greyhound and a Saluki/pointer sprint dog. All have different needs and none of them work really hard. The Saluki has to be enticed to eat. He grew up in a racing kennel with homemade food.
    If you Google “dog food recipes” you’ll fine a ton. One combination I found was 1/3 meat protein , 1/3 grain, 1/3 vegetables. What you use depends on the dogs.
    The chocolate Lab, seems to react to wheat and or corn. Brett Gibson at Yummy Chummies explained it’s not necessarily the grain but how much there is. While ground corn or wheat may be 3rd on the list of ingredients, corn flour, gluten, may also be there. Add the wheat and corn products they should be at the top of the list.
    So I don’t put any wheat or corn in the homemade food. I’ll use brown rice or oat meal or both. In zip lock bags in the freezer, I save left over or buy on sale, meat, chicken or fish. Dogs do not care if its all mixed together. Same with vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, potato trimmings. The vegetables can be served raw if they will eat them. Research vegetables that may be harmful like onions and garlic in large quantities.
    You do not have to pressure cook this unless you want to leave the bones in. The bones need to be finger soft, and you have to feel through the food for any hard bones.
    Go easy on the fat. I usually cook the chicken and other meat separately, strain it, cool it and skim off the fat. According to the vet, even skinny dogs, like our Saluki mix cannot process a lot of fat unless they are working very hard.
    No one gets the “stew” alone. They all get various levels of kibble. I can make this for about .80 to 1.20 a pound. I also give them fish oil produced by Yummie Chummie with the Halibut and chicken. I’ve seen an improvement in their coat, stools are good, weight is good and the chocolate Lab does not have runny eyes and an oil smell. On occasion if one dog leaves raw broccoli or cabbage and another dog eats it that dog may have loose stools but I have not seen any real problem.
    Depending on how much trimming I have to do cooking, sorting and packaging 6 qts of food may take 2 hours actual labor.


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