After watching the sonar counts (meager as they are) go up and down the last few days and with only a couple of days before I go back to the slope for 2 weeks I decided to give the kings another try at the Pillars.Got on the water after all the guides were gone (less traffic) on an incoming tide.There were a few private boats out,maybe 5 or so,but really not too crowded.Went down river and started working the slot between the Pillars and Eagle Rock.The wife put on a K-15 and I had a Mag-wart on.With the tide coming in fairly strong I thought I'd try trolling down river and believe it or not the wife hooked-up with a 28 pound king just below the dead leaning spruce.We saw 3 other fish caught in the same area in the next 3 hours.Not fast and furious but there are a few in the river.I guess its all about being in the right place at the right time.
Might have to go to the upper river this afternoon just to have some fun in my mini-drifter.See ya on the river...............tight lines to all.I'm already planning on the late run when I come home in July...hope the 2 weeks fly..