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Thread: Good Ice?

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    Default Good Ice?

    When will be first good ice down on Quartz Lake? I want to take some big char...What and when is the best way to go about that? Shrimp,worms,jig'n? Last year we tired shrimp with no luck. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Should be good

    At least for walkin on, don't know that I'd drive yet. We usually use shrimp, eggs, corn, powerbait for the rainbows, we got some nice ones last winter. Haven't located the char yet, going to work on that this year, bought a new icehouse and underwater camera, gonna find 'em one way or the other! I'll be down there this weekend sometime for sure, luck.

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    Default Ice conditions

    I am currently working on getting these reports and posting them on a website I use exclusively for ice fishingIce Shanty. We (Alaska) have our own forum on there and I am trying to gather info on lakes that are fished in the winter and people can post fishing reports there as well. Having a hard time on getting stuff from the state thats computerized.


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