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Thread: Campbell Creek - Under Age 16 Fishery this weekend

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    Default Campbell Creek - Under Age 16 Fishery this weekend

    I just walked and looked with polarized glasses from Dimond Blvd up to the where the bushes get bad, also from C street all the way to Dewey's above Taku Lake, and just for general interest from Lake Otis most of the way to the Drunk Deck at Folker, and saw absolutely zero (0) king salmon. The water was clear and I could see the bottom almost everywhere (even in deep holes). I saw two other people also scoping and they also said they saw nothing........If you can find one and have your child catch it this weekend you will have performed a miracle.

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    Seen a good number across from Lake Taku on Friday. It's gonna be some work. Good luck.!

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    Default BS

    I've seen more parental units gear up for this and run the strollers up there--don't even ask me, I do NOT exaggerate! and run up to to the darn thing seeking fire engines!

    They promote the "typical" flip and rip (which on certain waterways, is a sad statement you lack confidence in you fishing abilities) and if they spot 'em they got 'em!

    NOT all poeple thou!!!!!!! I have seen a number of good quality parents!

    I live right by it and have fished it for many years. The runs SUCK, and they close all other things but remain to keep this fragile fishery subjected to ..........

    I've filmed the GROTESUQE acts --yes I have .... I think it's time I will step into a ADFG board meeting...

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