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Thread: Willow area float trips

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    Default Willow area float trips

    I've floated down Willow (from the Parks down) alot and I want to try new places this weekend and next weekend. Can anybody give me more information on other floats in the same area? Is there anything I should worry about trying to float Little willow creek down from the highway? I assume the take out will be same as the one for Willow?

    What about Sheep creek?

    I'm staying at Willow Island resort next weekend Thurs-Sunday so I'm also looking for places to fish (before the weekend opener). Preferably a lake where I can take the raft with a trolling motor or hike into and use float tubes with fins. I'm not picky as long as the wife and I are catching fish

    What is the best book for float trips in the local area that has detailed put in and take information.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Sheep creek

    If you use a trail up caswell lakes area you can access the creek pretty far up by wheelers. You will avoid alot of the serious whitewater which is mainly kayaked, but has been rafted. The trail comes to the creek anyway, that's about all I know about the trail. I just kayaked the creek and put in 25 miles up from the highway, so there you go.
    The middle creek down from the trail- You will encounter an area of log jams and strainers/ Beaver chewing gum area, and will have to portage at least 4 times, one of which is 400 yards.
    A lower access is a mile or two up caswell lakes road and will give you a couple of miles of ripples/ swiftwater.
    I am serious, the log jam section is dangerous for rafters, be careful up there.
    You may want to contact( AK Doug) he knows those trails like the back of his hand, and could give you more access points i'm sure.

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    Little Willow is an easy float. It's a little tight for the first mile or so, but not too bad. Float from the Parks Highway out to a small channel of the Big Su, and then down to the (big) Willow Creek Campground. Takes 2-3 hours.


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