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    Default POW report

    Has anyone had any luck at POW? Have any of the silvers started to show yet? I'm thinking about a trip based out of sea otter cove mid July, just curious of any current action.


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    Default Silvers on POW

    Hey there YJ,

    We fish out of Coffman Cove straight across from Sea Otter (east side). We have been getting silvers for the last two weeks and the kings have been OK as well so Sea Otter should be OK but that said we have a summer ru of silvers from the hatchery right up the coast from us. Anyway I have NO reports from Sea Otter but it is pretty, I was attacked by a whale there last year with my wife. Well kind of, log story. We will be postig some updated silver pics from our guests shortly, good luck on your trip!

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    Just returned from Sea Otter Sound area lodge. 4 of us fished 4 1/2 days hard and only caught 4 kings. Our guide said the previous group got 6 kings for 4 guys fishing 4 days. In other words, very slow for kings. There were few small silvers. Bottom fishing was above average. As the other poster said, the Sea Otter Sound was beautiful and full of wildlife, just not king salmon. BTW, a good daily update can be found at the photos of the day page at the El Capitan lodge website.

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    Default I'd rate...

    West coast of POW as "very good" right now. Took my 4 clients about 20 minutes yesterday to each land a King, and we released many more while fishing for silvers, which showed up nice and early this year. The only thing holding us back is the weather, which as been a bit rough for the last few weeks. The hot king bite has been Veta Bay, on Baker Island. Mid July I'd be thinking "Black Rock" if I were based out of Sea Otter.


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