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Thread: Hunting Reg Corrections

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    Default Hunting Reg Corrections

    Here's the mistakes found in the 2009-2010 Ak. Hunting far

    Moose- Unit 14C Chugach State Park Mgmt. Area (Page 75)
    Bag Limit: One bull with spike fork antlers or 50 inch antlers or antlers with 3 or more brow tines on at least one side.

    Moose- Unit 16B, remainder (Page 80)
    Resident season: Aug. 20 - Sept. 20, General Harvest, not by permit

    Moose- Unit 25C (Page 117)
    Nonresident season: Sept. 5 - Sept. 15

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    Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted here if/when you discover additional errors.

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    Default heres a ?

    page 32 in the sheep sealing states that rams taken in said units have to be permanently sealed before exporting them from alaska......does that mean if i am a resident and do not plan to remove my horns from the state that although they horns do need sealed, they do not need to be permanently sealed????
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