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Thread: An idea I have come up with.

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    Arrow An idea I have come up with.

    So I was wondering, I had this idea a few minutes ago and I was curious as to if it could work or not, My idea is this:

    Is it possible to float on a raft on the little susitna from where it crosses the parks highway in willow all the way down to the little susitna landing that is accessed from Point Mackinzie road ? I am kinda curious beacuse well I think it could be rather cool floating down the river and casting a few fly lines out on the water to try and catch something. Ive tried looking at topomaps and it looks doable, I dont see any rapids. What do you guys think? Any comments are good comments ^_^


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    Ya, it's totally doable. It's a really slow float so you'll want to give yourself a couple days. There are no rapids, but can be a lot of air boat traffic.

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    I second the S-L-O-W part of this float. The fishing can be great, but the first time we did this float a slight breeze upstream nearly stopped our progress. We planned 3 days and were lazy floaters the first 2, and had a grueling 13 hour float the last day down to Burma Road for a really late night. It is a beautiful, easy river though.


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