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Thread: Ugly stick halibut rod.

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    Default Ugly stick halibut rod.

    I am looking for 1 light weight rod preferably Ugly Stick for a Shimano Torium, and then one a little heavier for a Penn 340 GTi, I know its a level wind and its for halibut, both of them are. I have had great luck with them and not changing. I want Ugly stick rods cause they are less expensive but i have had insane times with them, sat on them, stepped on them, we all know what happens to rods they do suffer abuse and time again these go the mile and beyond. I just don't know the perfect ones for the job.Thank you so much.

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    Ive already come back twice to this thread because Im curious about any recommendations as well.

    I have seen the Tiger, heavy Ugly stik at sportsman's warehouse. It seems sturday and was clearly a bottom fishing rod but I dont know much about it.
    It was only $60 as well.

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    B&Js carries the most selection for roller and jigging rods. The all-roller Ugly Stick is too much rod (heavy) for most bottom fishing but would be well suited for sharks. The Cedros line of jigging rods come in several weights but all look the same and are light and very strong...about $100.

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    I have a couple of the Tigers and I really don't like them for bottom fishing. They make decent light jigging rods (for like 8oz jigs and such) but for Halibut I would say no. They don't possess the backbone to do the job. They are an Uglystik and designed not to break, but I think for the money you should get a Lamiglass or maybe an Abu Garcia Brute. The brute is pretty cheap, about $60 but a nice Halibut rod none the less.
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    I have multiple Tiger rods - used them on the Columbia for oversize sturgeon. If they will play a 9 1/2' sturgeon to the boat for release, they should handle most halibut you will tie into here in AK. I have yet to get mine out there to try, but have confidence they will do the job.
    Good Luck!


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