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Thread: Coyote hunting Fairbanks/Eielson/Salcha Area

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    Default Coyote hunting Fairbanks/Eielson/Salcha Area

    Just wondering if anyone has info on hunting yotes in the areas around Eielson AFB up to Fairbanks or down south of Salcha. I want to get out and find some but I don't really know if there are any good areas to go to. Any suggestions? Thanks guys, schmidty

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    Default Eielson

    I live on Eielson. If you have access to the base, Go Back transmiter Road past the restricted area on the right. About 1 mile so so on you left there is a nice valley. Down in that area I have seen a lot of tracks and a few rabits. Most of the tracks are coyote but there are some wolf as well.


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