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Thread: Paradise-Snow Alpacka Possible?

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    Default Paradise-Snow Alpacka Possible?

    Has anyone done, or considered, or even looked at the idea of going into Paradise valley via Ptarmigan Lake trail, and then packrafting out down the Snow? I've never seen the whole river.. so Im not really sure if its even possible. Anyone flown over it?? Can the Snow even be packrafted?

    Could be a good trip for fun, or hunting, or fishing.

    Is this a packraftable journey or am I crazy?

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    I found this on the Alpacka forums:

    so someone has done it.
    sounds like there is falls quite a ways down, but other than that pretty doable.

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    Default Paradise-Snow River

    The Paradise-Snow River float is possible, but has a couple of obstacles. First of which is beatle kill trees along with some good brush wacking. Second is there is a waterfall on the Paradise river that you will want to portage. I think this could be a fun float for small boats. I would get some good maps and a GPS so you can find the falls before they find you. Good luck and take some pictures to share when you return.

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    Default Snow River

    This river has apparently been traveled many times. The first I read of it was in Look To The Wilderness by W. Douglas Burden. Burden recounts a hunt he booked with Andy Simons (yes, the one the wilderness area is named after). He was guided by a native man named Henry Lucas. The trip started out in Seward; they dragged the canoe upriver and eventually ended up in the Snow River. They paddled down Kenai Lake, into the Kenai River, and ended up hunting Dall sheep and moose around Skilak Lake. From there they boated all the way down the Kenai to the village of Kenai. It was quite an adventure, and a fascinating read.

    Regrettably the book is out of print, however I have found them online at a reasonable price.

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