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Thread: Kenai cat float

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    Default Kenai cat float

    My wife and I and 5 others took a cat down the Kenai two weekends ago past Jims landing and onto the Lake .
    It was a good float with no rain but a lot of fisherman and the fish were hitting hard .
    We did come around a bend and there was a big Brown walking the side of the bank going down river and as we made the bend there was about 6 people fishing and we let them know a bear was on it's way and sure enough by the time we made the next bend fishermen were scattering away pretty fast .

    This past weekend we did the float from Coopers landing to Jim's with out Pro Pioneer , another fine enjoyable float .
    This float we pulled over about a mile from Jims to adjust some clothing (it got hot ) and as we pulled on to the gravel bar up on the bank was the biggest Black bear I ever seen in Alaska .
    He was sitting with his right hind leg hung over the bank swinging it back and forth watching the people fish that was about 30 feet away with not a care in the world.
    I asked the people if they knew there was a bear behind them ??? They did not and about flipped out !!!!!
    As the bear stood to go away his whole back was rubbed about down to his skin , he rubbed all his hair off.

    here is a couple pictures when we was on the Cat.

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    Nice Report. Thanks. Been several times on the Kenai now and still have yet to see a bear. One of these days I am sure I will. Let's just hope it will be from a distance

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    Default geez

    i wish i had your luck, seems everytime im on the kenai i see a bear, always a black bear, and most of the time brown bears too. you want to see a bear? drive down skilak lake road, i saw him 4 times last weekend!
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