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Thread: Electirc motor on a canoe?

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    Default Electirc motor on a canoe?

    I heard a fellow tell me about seeing someone using a canoe with a trolling motor on it. He went on to say that this individual had a small Honda generator that would charge back up the battery. He said that this gave him great range with the amount of gas that was needed to recharge the batteries. It sounded fishy to me. I can see the advantage of having the silence of a trolling motor, but I would think that you would give up a lot of space with the batteries, generator and the gas. Let me know if anyone else has seen or heard of a plan like this.

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    I don't know how efficient that would be does sound pretty rediculous! Can't really imagine that it would match a 2.5 horse 4 stroke outboard.

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    We do the electric thing with a generator for fly-ins. Silence rocks when you spend a good chunk of cash to get there and also produces more fish when trolling. Also, if your outboard fails you`re done...electrics have very few failure points. Normally we can get a whole day with 3 guys in a 14' Lund on a charge. The generator burns a quart of fuel per charge which is less than my 3.5 4-stroke for the same time frame.


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